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What We Have Accomplished So Far:

Saved Tax Payers Millions of Dollars:

When I became Pike Township Trustee in January 2019, we quickly as possible get rid of bad contracts and underperforming accounts from the previous administration.  Some contracts had not been bid out in over ten years. We were able to save over a million dollars by doing so.  We then re-invested those savings to shore up our township fire department.  

Kept Local Control and Improved Working Conditions of the Pike Township Fire Department:

Worse yet, the previous admin tried to give away our fire department and we said, No Way! Pike Township residents have spent decades building one of the best departments in the state; Consolidation is not an option. Local control is best.  Our fire department now has one of the best union contracts in the state and that means better response times, more EMTs, and neighbors helping neighbors.

More Services. No Tax Increase:

Despite COVID-19, the Trustee’s office has also become a hub of the community. We have done so much together.  Here’s a list: Started a food pantry, got donated solar panels for our training facility, installed public recycling bins at our government center, led the fight to keep our police headquarters in Pike Township, placed a probation kiosk in our office, made our headquarters open to all Pike Township community groups. And, no raised taxes.