Why Your Trustee is Important

Commitment to Our Community’s Future

By working with you and other residents of Pike Township, our Trustee Annette Johnson is committed to:

  • Continued improvements to ensure that tax dollars are used wisely in support of all residents.
  • Implementing efficiencies to make the applications for support easier for all residents.
  • Continued support of our public safety professionals.
  • Expanding partnerships with local businesses to help our residents secure good-paying jobs.
  • Adding cost-effective efficiencies to better manage the operations of the Pike Township Trustee operations.
  • Reviewing guidelines to ensure expanded eligibility and access to support programs of the Trustee’s Office.
  • Continued Support of the Pike Township Fire Department and the firefighters and first responders who serve our community.
  • The reconstruction of Fire Station #63, located at 86th & Michigan Road
  • Use of the newly purchased Public Education Vehicle of the Pike Township Fire Department for community outreach.
  • Making capital upgrades to all Pike Township Fire Stations.
  • The recruitment of diverse members of the Pike Township Fire Department.
  • Developing a “Kids Safe” car seat program to better protect our children.
  • Continued participation in community clean ups and community beautification projects.

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